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Cunningham Energy Spuds Its Second and Third Horizontal Oil Wells

CHARLESTON, W.Va.–()–Cunningham Energy LLC is announcing today that the company has begun drilling its second and third shallow horizontal oil wells, the Cochran #5H and Cochran #4H wells, of the Rhino Three Well Drilling Program.

Planned measured depth of the new horizontal wells is 5200’ with a vertical depth of 2100’. All three “Rhino” horizontal wells are targeting oil in the Big Injun Sand formation in Union District of Clay County. Cunningham Energy is utilizing one of the company’s three Speedstar 185 top drive drilling rigs in conjunction with these new wells. Each well bore on the Rhino Pad has been planned to be completed with multiple frac stages using varying spacing dependent on future wireline data. Continue reading

Cunningham service sights on Appalachian oil

Published by: Oilfield Services, Volume 4 No. 3

West Virginia-focused upstreamer Cunningham Energy recently transitioned into an upstream-services hybrid through the acquisition of Pettey Oilfield Services to form Cunningham Oilfield Services. News quickly followed that the company was drilling one of the first horizontal shallow oil well in the state (vertical of 2,100 ft and measured depth of 5,200 ft), targeting the Big Injun Sand formation in Clay Co., West Virginia. The Cochran-6H well is one of three on the same pad, with the subsequent wells also expected to spud in February. In the company’s release, president Ryan Cunningham projected a “resurgence of the old oilfields our Grandfathers told us stories about in the past.” Continue reading