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Cunningham Energy Horizontal Wells Reach Production Milestone

Cunningham Energy LLC is pleased to announce it has reached an oil production milestone in the company’s shallow horizontal drilling efforts in Clay County, West Virginia. A total cumulative measured production of over 26,000 barrels of oil have been produced from Cunningham Energy’s Cochran #5H and Cochran #6Ha wells within the past eleven and eight months respectively. Both Cochran wells are producing from the Big Injun Sand formation on the “RHINO” pad, and were the first known shallow horizontal Big Injun wells completed in the state of West Virginia. “Cunningham Energy jumped into the Big Injun horizontal oil play and has been rewarded for its continuing development.” said Ryan Cunningham, of Cunningham Energy. “We have made great strides in efficiency of drilling so far and expect that trend to strengthen in the coming year as the play matures. Our top priority is to further innovation through the latest drilling techniques and drive operating costs down, especially in the current environment. This and other shallow horizontal sand oil plays hold promise for the state of West Virginia and the Appalachian Basin as a whole.” Cunningham Energy is currently in the process of drilling and developing four new horizontal wells in Clay County on the “Lions Paw” pad in Union District.

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