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Cunningham Energy Spuds Its Second and Third Horizontal Oil Wells

CHARLESTON, W.Va.–()–Cunningham Energy LLC is announcing today that the company has begun drilling its second and third shallow horizontal oil wells, the Cochran #5H and Cochran #4H wells, of the Rhino Three Well Drilling Program.

Planned measured depth of the new horizontal wells is 5200’ with a vertical depth of 2100’. All three “Rhino” horizontal wells are targeting oil in the Big Injun Sand formation in Union District of Clay County. Cunningham Energy is utilizing one of the company’s three Speedstar 185 top drive drilling rigs in conjunction with these new wells. Each well bore on the Rhino Pad has been planned to be completed with multiple frac stages using varying spacing dependent on future wireline data.

“Cunningham Energy is again excited to be part of this new horizontal method of producing the Big Injun oil sand in the Appalachian Basin,” said Ryan Cunningham, of Cunningham Energy. “The company is seeing excellent oil shows and reservoir characteristics through the Rhino drilling program thus far and we expect that trend to continue as these next two wells reach total depth. The Big Injun formation has been nothing short of spectacular so far in terms of geologic analysis from the first Rhino well, the Cochran #6H.”

Cunningham Energy has chosen the Packers Plus System frac system for compartmentalization of the reservoir during stimulation. The company is anticipating completion of the Rhino drilling program in May 2014.

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